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People do not usually think of alcoholic beverages as containing gluten. It seems like distilled liquor would not contain such a thing. This is true for some liquor and not for others. The only way to know is to learn a bit about the different types of beverages and whether they contain gluten or not. There is one obvious culprit and that is beer. It is made from wheat and barley, both of which contain gluten and can cause problems with anyone who is gluten intolerant.

The basic way to understand how gluten ends up in alcohol is to look at it in a simple manner. Think about how sugar dissolves in water. Gluten is very much the same and will dissolve in water but it will dissolve even better in alcohol. With this in mind, it is easy to see how it could be found in liquor as well as basic fermented beverages like beer. With wines, you can always rest assured that it will be free from gluten because it is only made from fruits not grains.

Anything at all made from wheat, barley, rye, or spelt is going to have gluten. This is even true if it has been all watered down into an alcoholic beverage of any kind. Some examples would include whiskey and bourbon in addition to various other types of beers, ciders, and artificially flavored beverages.

Presently, most of the drinks and foods that are gluten-free are labeled as such. At first, you will see a “GF” on the label and then it should read, “gluten free”. This does not mean that all packaged foods that are free of gluten are indeed carrying this label. It is not a requirement at this time. You can just trust that all beers and brown liquors do contain gluten from any of the sources mentioned.

Some people think that there is no gluten free alcohol out there. This assumption is wrong. Usually, clear liquors such as vodka, gin, vermouth, tequila, and others are totally free of the invasive protein known as gluten. If you still do not understand, look up a list of all the alcohol beverages that don’t have anything in them that would result in a gluten content.

As far as the beer is concerned, just stay away from it unless it is actually labeled as a gluten-free beer. It needs to be “certified” or it may not be free of gluten.

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