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Are you one of those who seem to be quite down on your luck? Are you one of those who just cannot seem to be able to get up at the proper hour in the morning? Are you that scared of what the day could bring you? Or are you scared of what it is not going to deliver for you? Are you hoping for a miracle, or are you waiting for your fairy godmother to arrive. If you must know, such mothers only exist in fairy tales. So wait a while longer and soon your life will be over. Are you one of those sad folks who just cannot help rolling over and wishing themselves back to sleep?

And are you one of those who can just never seem to get to sleep. You have so much on your mind. So much worry, wondering what to do next, and wondering if your luck is ever going to change. There is medication available for those who struggle to get to sleep at night. Ah, but then you would have to get up out of bed and go visit the doctor or drug store, how about that then. And then there is motivational canvas art for those of you who are still too lazy to crawl out of bed. Some of you may be that lazy that you would not dare to crane your neck from this way to that in order to view your fine piece of motivational canvas art.

motivational canvas art

But no matter because you could place this artwork on the ceiling. All you do is lie back and stare up at the ceiling, never having to stare into space again. But then again, you would still need to make sure that the canvas is able to stay affixed to the ceiling, given its awkward and unusual angle. And for that, you need a ladder and most likely, hammer and nails. What a lot of work to do. Never mind that then, let’s try the living room. This might be a good trick to get you out of bed in the morning. It niggles your thoughts that there’s an inspirational image or persona in the living room waiting to greet you.

You are as curious as the cat that also needs to be fed, so out of bed you climb.

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